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Our role

  • What is relocation?


Link Mobilité’s objective is to assist employees with their relocation, to help them settle into their new residence with ease, enabling them to focus on their new role.


Our team of dedicated consultants are here to handle all your employees’ arrival or departure needs:



  • To ensure the family is moving to a safe/secure living environment



  • Assist the assignee and their family to integrate into their new environment


  • Why use relocation services ?

Link Mobilité offers tailored services, designed to help reduce the manpower and time spent by Human Resources on such project as:



  • Administrative assistance


  • Assurance of compliance with legislation in terms of immigration


  • Limitation of the additional costs


  • Contingency support

  • Relocation key issues ?


The key issues for any company relocating employees:


  • Economic: Direct and indirect costs


  • Human Resources: resources available and career management


  • Image: mobility is a real lever for HR


Studies show failure rate of up to 30% in expatriation depending on duration and destination.


It’s therefore an investment that requires specialist assistance.


Link Mobilité offers a professional approach that can identify and minimise risks associated with relocation.


About us

Vincent Xuereb Florent Vallée were working together in an IT consulting company in which mobility was a necessity. From this experience they drew a conclusion: the geographical mobility of employees has become a strategic factor for the competitiveness of companies.


Yet the complexity of the problems it causes is regularly underestimated. Link Mobilité was created in 2007. The main goal is to enable companies to better understand and facilitate the mobility of their employees.


The two founders created their relocation company in Aix en Provence, to support engineering companies in the south of France. They opened 4 offices in 4 years to accompany their clients in major French industrial areas: Sophia Antipolis, Paris, Lyon and Toulouse.


Since then, Link Mobilité has continued to enhance its offering, both in terms of services and geographic coverage through its network of qualified partners.


Today, companies and industries of all sizes trust us to manage their mobility in France and abroad. It is thanks to close collaboration with its customers that Link Mobilité is now one of the key players in the relocation market.



Link Mobilité offers a national range of intervention in France through its 5 offices: Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Aix en Provence and Nice.

Link Mobilité serves its customers worldwide thanks to skilled subcontractors in each of the following country: Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, USA, Brazil, South Africa…


Our 'Link Online' software paired with our quality management process enables full control of the services delivered by our partners. It also guarantees an assignee sastisfaction rate of 90%.


Our values


Link mobilité is not simply a service provider.

We make a point of considering our customers' issues:


- Those of the company invest significant resources to support a colleague in professional mobility.


- Those of the assignee who is in transition and relies entirely on us. We are available and we adapt to the situation and the specificities of each of them.


This is an essential value in our delivered services.


Each company must be backed by a trusted partner for the relocation of its employees.


Link Mobilité welcomes them in the best conditions, in a region or a country where everything can be very different. We are constantly listening and offering them a wide range of suitable and proven services.


Our job is definitely based on human relationships.


We are one of the first contacts for the employee on the spot. What is more important in this case than to be greeted with empathy and humanity?


Sharing, involvement and socialising guarantee our success. Link Mobilité offers all its generosity and humanity when delivering services. 


A successful service delivery lies in a collective team effort.


The enthusiasm, the exchange of information, the calling for the job allow Link Mobilité's team  to make the relocation simple and enjoyable. It is an important step for the company and the employee.


Our relationship with our customers is based on trust. That is why we deliver each service with care and commitment.


Our know-how and energy are implemented to meet the needs of our customers. We respect quality guidelines and we aim to achieve the best results.


The company and its assignee are both in the urgent need for finding a stable situation on the spot.


We put our responsiveness and dynamism into each of our interventions, allowing everyone to dive quickly into a new context.

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