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Airport transfer

The Link Mobilité Airport Transfers programme is designed to reduce stress and provide a streamlined arrival into a "foreign" location, thereby creating a positive start to a preview visit or a new international assignment:


• Liaise with the corporate client and/or transferee to ascertain arrival date and time, flight itinerary, number of persons travelling and quantity of luggage…

• Coordinate and confirm the transfer from airport to temporary accommodation, office or new residence and communicate forth coming arrangements to the client.


Hotel/travel booking

Link Mobilité can assist your assignees with their hotel booking, car rental, booking of transfers and travel tickets...


Preview trip

Moving to a new city can be exhilarating and challenging at the same time. In order to make the relocation a positive experience, it is important that employees have an opportunity to tour the new area prior to the move.


Every employee is going to have different needs at their new location, Link Mobilité will adapt the orientation tour to the needs of your expatriate. It is always our goal to ensure that every transferee learns as much as possible about their new location.


The structured nature of the programme utilises the potential expatriate, utilizes the pre-relocation visit effectively and mitigates the corporate client’s risk of a failed relocation due to lack of objective pre-relocation information:


• Pre-arrival needs analysis/support

• City information pack

• Collection from and return to hotel, serviced apartment or office

• Overview of residential areas and community facilities

• Accompanied tour of area and upon request visit of housing options

• End of day wrap-up session to address outstanding queries or issues


Link Mobilité knows how time consuming a move can be, so this programme is aimed at freeing HR persons from managing issues linked to their assignees moves.

Global move management

Our programme will help you to obtain the best costs and also to reduce the level of stress sometimes felt by employees and their families, especially around the time the household goods are being transported. Link Mobilité will provide:

• A pre-move audit survey to be done by three professional removal companies

• A check of the 3 quotes and any volume discrepancy and confirm the move

• Confirm the load and delivery dates with the removal company and discuss special shipment concerns

• Confirm the pack, load and delivery dates again with the client prior to the move

• Notify the assignee of arrival time at least 24 hrs in advance


Temporary Accommodation

Temporary corporate housing is a necessary relocation service if there is delay before entering the permanent accommodation or if the employee is on a short-term assignment.


Link Mobilité will propose 3 options in accordance with the established transferee needs, corporate relocation policy, corporate budget and local market availability. The options can vary from fully furnished studios and apartments with hotel services to furnished apartments rentals:

• Advice on destination budget and location options

• Short list of 3 temporary accommodations matching the budget and if possible

   all requirements

• No visits included

• Booking of the flat (choice must be made within 48 hrs)

• Coordination of payments

• Check in/out coordinated with accommodation provider


Settling in assistance/orientation

Once employees are in their new location, there are a lot of details to coordinate before they are able to completely settle in their new home. Settling-in can be time consuming for the assignee and for HR.


Link Mobilité can provide additional relocation servicesto transferees at their destination point in order to easestress and speed up the transition. Since every employeeis different, we can arrange additional services based ondifferent needs. It is designed to be flexible and to adaptto the needs of the assignee. This programme is basedon an hourly rate. Examples :


• Store recommendations for furniture and appliance purchase

• Mobile phone options, line opening

• Coordination of furniture and appliance rentals

• Visit to shopping centre/food markets

• Coordination of settling the client into their new home (painter, plumber, cleaning)

• Help with purchasing or leasing a car


• Overview of medical assistance (doctor, dentist, baby health care…) (4 hrs)


• Overview of leisure & hobby facilities (4 hrs)


•  Introduction to expatriate networking clubs & support groups (4 hrs)


Departure service

Our specialised Departure Services provides expert guidance to the assignees and their families about the various steps associated with leaving the host country accommodation at the end of the international assignment, or change of housing during the assignment. 


As a result, your assignee can focus on the new challenges associated with re-entry back home or settling into a new host country. Link Mobilité’s key objective in delivering departure assistance is also to minimise cost to the corporate client.


Assistance is tailored to the specific tenancy situation but typically includes:


• Written notice to real estate agent and/or landlord

• Lease termination negotiations

• Provision of contacts for cleaning / repairs

• Accompanied exit inspection and documentation of issues

• Disconnection of utilities and return of internet box

• Cancellation of insurance

• Re-direction of mail instructions

• Security deposit/bond refund negotiations


• Optional: Pre-outgoing inspection (2 hrs) and report on issues, in orde rto prepare for the

definitive inspection as well as possible to ensure a refund of the deposit.

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