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Happy expatriates !

Published last week, the IPSOS-Banque transatlantique poll reveals that there would be more that 2.5 millions French expatriates. This figure is increasing by 3% on average over the past ten years.

More that half of them (55%) declare that they do not miss France and 42% would even be worried about a possible return.

Who are they ?

For most, they are employed, living with a partner and are expatriate for more than six years. Only 36% have the double nationality. One expatriate employee out of three has found his job on site and has signed a local contract, and only 20% is hired by a French organisaton.

What are they looking for ?

The main quoted goals are “Progressing in their professional life” or “having a better standard of living.” Another significant proportion declare they have left to follow their partner. The tax scheme offered by some countries is not the first reason they give at all.

What relationship with France ?

Although more that half of them declare that they do not miss France, they keep on being in constant contact with their country of origin. Most of them follow the country’s news, keep on speaking French on a daily basis and vote for national elections. The proof is that 90% declare French citizenship as important to them and 98% find important to pass on the French culture to their children. They do not live in France but are deeply attached to their country.

Is a return possible ?

One French expatriate out of three thinks of going back within two or five years and half of them within more than five years. By the way, 42% are worried when thinking about going back ; the return is often turning into an administrative nightmare. Besides, the government is working on a “Guide to Return to France”.

Source : Les Echos

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