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How attractive is Europe for relocation?

Companies around the globe are watching Europe for new opportunities and often under estimate the challenges in relocation there.

Even if Europe is not the first area you think of when trying to identify the biggest challenges in relocation, it appears to be cluster of specific challenges in each country. Here are the key data to consider if for the ones managing international assignments.

The Relocate Magazine 2014 Biggest Challenges Survey Report revealed that the first five relocation challenges in the European region are:

  1. Controlling relocation/assignment costs (44%)

  2. Housing (35%)

  3. Complying with laws and regulations (29%)

  4. Structuring compensation packages (25%)

  5. Finding suitable local candidates (24%)

As this is an average on all the European countries, it is important to have a deeper look into each country results as the proportion of the challenges will be different. For example, Russia (as Brazil, India and China) appears to be one of the ten first locations in the world where the challenges are the greatest for assigners and assignees. Because of government requirements and language barriers are higher especially out of Moscow.

Each European country has its own particular challenge and even if Switzerland and Turkey do not appear in the worldwide top ten, they are to be considered as apart from the European averages. In Switzerland it is about cost of living, while in Turkey it is about security and infrastructures.

On the other hand, five European countries are in the top thirteen localisations for localizing strategies and the main reasons quoted is the ‘containment of mobility costs’ and ‘part of the globalisation policy’.

Taken as a whole, the results show that Europe remains an attractive destination for relocation. The UK is a constant in the top five whereas Switzerland is moving up in the rankings since 2010.

Source : relocatemagazine

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