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Expatriation: plebiscites countries in 2015

HSBC has released the 8th edition of its annual survey of the most desired destinations in the world by expatriates (HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2015).

22,000 expatriates and their families in 39 countries were interviewed for this new edition!

Each year, this study is eagerly awaited since it highlights the advantages and disadvantages of these countries according to the following criteria:

- Political stability, - Economy, - Quality of life, - Culture.

Key findings:

• Generally, expatriates say that, from their experience abroad, they are looking for a better quality of life and new challenges, and after only, a better pay.

• Expatriates entrepreneurs say London, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong as the ideal cities to start a business.

• According to the destination, expatriation benefits vary but Middle East offer the best is packages.

• Asia is still widely acclaimed for great career opportunities. In the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and China, expats say they are satisfied by their professional position and career.

• Most spouses, who followed their expatriate partners, fully live the experience leading an independent and socially active life. 54% of respondents believe that this adventure has even brought their couple closer, against 13% who think otherwise.

Countries on the podium:

1. Singapore: the most attractive and dynamic

The city-state of Singapore is for the second year at the top spot of the expatriates’ favourite countries! They particularly appreciate its great career opportunities, stable economy and excellent quality of life, 67% of respondents considered it even better than in their home country.

2. New Zealand: an incomparable experience

Nearly 80% of expatriates in New Zealand highlight the outstanding quality of life of the country, the multitude of outdoor activities and the strong sport culture… Moreover, 57% of respondents admit to being more physically active since they live there.

3. Sweden: a destination of choice for families

The country is very popular with families: family friendly culture and very good school system. 79% of respondents consider childcare in Sweden better than in their home countries. The quality of the environment is also widely appreciated.

Top 10 favourite countries of expatriates:

1. Singapore 2. New Zealand 3. Sweden 4. Bahrain 5. Germany 6. Canada 7. Australia 8. Taiwan 9. United Arab Emirates 10. Switzerland

Only 3 European countries pull their game this year: Sweden, Germany and Switzerland.

France is ranked at the 29th place, but at the 14th place on the experience. 63% of respondents say they have improved their quality of life since they live in France (great lifestyle and culture are highlighted).

Source : HSBC Expat Explorer Survey – 2015

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