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French graduates and expatriation

French graduates remain motivated and optimistic in making their career in France, however, if necessary, they are willing to go abroad to fin a job…

That is the result from the latest barometer about “graduates’ mood” published by the French company Deloitte and from a recent survey by Uniplaces (European site for student housing) realized on 1508 students in 6 European countries.

French graduates plebiscite France to start their career…

Despite a difficult economic situation in France and an unemployment rate of 24% for people under 25 years; French students keep faith and remain confident for their professional future.

According to the survey by Uniplaces, 66% of surveyed students believe that 2016 will offer more opportunities and career opportunities in France.

A surprising optimism when one looks more closely at the figures: 40% of graduates are still unemployed one year after completing their studies!

Among these 40%:

- 44% think they will find a well-paid job that matches their level of education, - 17% simply hope to find a job, - 15% want to create their own business, - 13% think that they will find employment commensurate with their education but not very well paid; - 8% want to find any job, whether or not related to their studies.

…but are seriously considering expatriation if they do not find a job matching their qualifications.

53% of French students would be willing to leave France for professional reasons and 31% clearly see their professional future abroad (against 13% in 2012).

According to the barometer about “graduates’ mood” (4th edition – Deloitte 2015):

1- The main motivations to exile are:

• To not find a job in France (53%) • To build a better curriculum vitae (45%) • To learn or improve a foreign language (42%) • To work in a more positive professional environment (39%) • To work in a different cultural environment (39%) • To gain a higher salary (31%) • To obtain more responsibilities (8%)

2- The countries they wish to emigrate to are (open question):

• North America: 53% (USA: 36% and Canada: 33%) • Europe: 47% (Great Britain: 14%, Switzerland: 14% and Germany: 8%) • Oceania: 22% (Australia: 14% and New Zealand: 8%) • Asia: 19% (Japan: 8% and China: 6%)

3- The duration they wish to expatriate is:

• From 6 months to 1 year: 25% • From 1 to 5 years: 36% • From 6 to 10 years: 5% • From 11 to 15 years: 3% • For the whole career: 31%

In terms of studies, only 41% of French students plan to achieve at least one part of them abroad, while they are 81% thinking that it is an asset for their future careers.

In Europe, Spanish and Italian students are the ones who consider the most from studying abroad (respectively 78% and 76%).

The France rank is below European average, which is of 66%.

Sources : Figaro Etudiant – 01/12/2015 Baromètre de l’humeur du jeune diplômé – Deloitte et OpinionWay – 2015

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