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Expatriation booming among seniors!

This phenomenon is not new but it has strongly accelerated over the past five years… The number of French people over 60 years living abroad has more than doubled and it continues to rise by 4% per year!

In total, they would be more than 252,000 registered on the registers consulates abroad (in over 180 countries) according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and represent almost 10% of total French resident abroad.

More and more French people willing to spend their retirement abroad

The French people with foreign roots have always been tempted to go back to their origin for retirement: for the majority of them it was in Spain, Portugal or North Africa.

Today expatriation phenomenon attracts even more for many reasons: ⁃ The falling price of air tickets, ⁃ The development of communication networks, ⁃ A cheaper cost of living, ⁃ A more flexible taxation.

The most popular destinations for seniors are, in order: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Mauritius, Thailand, Switzerland and Belgium.

New destinations are also booming such as Madagascar, Brazil, Panama and Costa Rica.

Today, 17% of French retired people over 65 who would be willing to settle down abroad. For 11% of them, this would be the realization of a dream even though 43% think that this “dream” would only be temporary.

Health problems, isolation from family and sometimes even homesickness are the main reasons of a return to France.

Expatriation of seniors: sometimes a new professional adventure

Statistics show that the French retired people living abroad are more likely to continue a professional activity than in France. According to a recent survey, there are 24% of active people among the French retirees (over 65 years) living abroad against 2% among the French retirees living in France.

Active seniors represent a profile increasingly sought by companies because they have no more family obligations and have strong experiences and skills.

Thus, most of active retired French people living abroad are missioned by companies; but there are also some French retired who take the opportunity to start from scratch a business abroad.

Senior Volunteerism and expatriation

For a lot of French people, retirement is an opportunity to engage in charities or NGOs, either at a local level or in other countries…

Today, retired people represent 5% of French volunteers missioned in the field by NGOs for missions of 3 months to 2 years in the following areas:

⁃ Logistics, ⁃ Education, ⁃ Tutoring, ⁃ Medical assistance, ⁃ Skills sponsorship, etc…

For NGOs, seniors are a real wealth of expertise, and for seniors it is an opportunity to discover new horizons!

Source: Silver Eco

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