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The most promising countries to emigrate in 2016

The World Bank has just published the 2016 growth forecasts for developing countries: Asia will still be the most dynamic region of the world and therefore very attractive for future expatriates.

The economic health of a country is, indeed, a key element in choosing a destination for expatriates, who thus ensure themselves greater job stability.

The World Bank predicts a global growth rate of 2.9% (against 2.4% in 2015), but among only developing countries this rate is 4.8%...

In every region of the world, countries were scrutinized and classified according to their expected growth rates and therefore their attractive potential... But that does not take into account the political regimes in those countries, which are sometimes far from beautiful democracies!


In Asia, region which as we have seen will continue to boost the global economy, India and Burma will be on top of the ranking!

China's slowing (forecast 6.7% growth against 6.9% in 2015) will be offset by the significant development of other countries in the region.

In South Asia - India: 7,7% - Bhutan: 7,2% - Bangladesh: 6,8%

In East Asia - Burma: 7,8% - Laos: 7% - Cambodia: 6,9%

Central Asia - Uzbekistan: 7,5% - Turkmenistan: 6,2% - Tajikistan: 4,8%


In this region the growth is very uneven across countries but overall the World Bank forecast a growth of 5.1% in North Africa and the Middle East, and 4.2% in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Libya is still very unstable, yet the country is expected to experience the strongest growth with an exceptional forecast rate of 35.7%!

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia should continue its development with always a double-digit rate forecast.

In North Africa and the Middle East - Libya: 35.7% - Djibouti: 7% - Iran: 5.8%

Sub-Saharan Africa - Ethiopia: 10.2% - Democratic Republic of Congo: 8.6% - Ivory Coast: 8.3%


The region will emerge from recession this year but growth is not really on the agenda: only 0.1% of expected growth!

Brazil will continue its downturn and is expected to fall to a growth rate of 2.5% against 3.7% in 2015. Its decline is primarily due to the corruption poisoning the country until the highest state level and the exported commodity prices' fall...

Panama, which will inaugurate its expanded canal next April, will be the fastest growing country in the region in 2016.

- Panama: 6.2% - Dominican Republic: 4.6% - Nicaragua: 4.2%


Developed countries will have to do with an overall growth rate of 2.1%...

The economic situation of the major powers will be close to that of 2015 with growth rates rather modest:

- United States: 2.7% - United Kingdom: 2.4% - Euro Zone: 1.7% - Japan: 1.3%

Russia should continue its downturn (-3.8% in 2015) with a further decline of 0.7%...

As for France, well... nothing glorious! INSEE has estimated that growth would not exceed 1.1%...

Source: Les Échos

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