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In which countries does people live the happiest ?

Every year since 2012, a study entitled “Happiness World Record” conducted by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, is published on March 20th on the occasion of the International Day of Happiness.

The 2016 study ranks 156 countries according to their degree of happiness: 38 indicators are analysed such as life expectancy in good health, per capita GDP, social support, trust in political institutions and the freedom of choice.

Top 50 happiest countries:

1. Denmark 2. Switzerland 3. Iceland 4. Norway 5. Finland 6. Canada 7. Netherlands 8. New Zealand 9. Australia 10. Sweden 11. Israel 12. Austria 13. United States 14. Costa Rica 15. Puerto Rico 16. Germany 17. Brazil 18. Belgium 19. Ireland 20. Luxembourg 21. Mexico 22. Singapore 23. UK 24. Chile 25. Panama 26. Argentina 27. Czech republic 28. United Arab Emirates 29. Uruguay 30. Malta 31. Colombia 32. France 33. Thailand 34. Saudi Arabia 35. Taiwan 36. Qatar 37. Spain 38. Algeria 39. Guatemala 40. Suriname 41. Kuwait 42. Bahrain 43. Trinidad and Tobago 44. Venezuela 45. Slovakia 46. Salvador 47. Malaysia 48. Nicaragua 49. Uzbekistan 50. Italy

The winner is… Denmark!

Denmark appears at top of the ranking: it is officially the most “happy” countries in the world … Its small size and the homogeneity of its population partly explains the welfare of the country.

With a 12% poverty rate and a 6.3% unemployment rate, Denmark is among the good students of the European Union. Taxes are high, but citizens get in return free access to the health system and education.

Some examples of this model of effective solidarity: • More than 30% of GDP is spent on social protection expenditure, • University students receive generous monthly stipends for seven years, • Women hold 43% of management positions in the Danish public service.

The countries of northern Europe, happiness land…

At the second place we find Switzerland, a non-corrupt rich country with a developed social system, and without any political scandal!

On the third, fourth and fifth place we find Iceland, Norway and Finland; countries where the unemployment rate is very low (1.9% in Iceland) and where social cohesion is very important.

And France?

Our country lost three places compared to last year and now ranks in 32nd place, between Colombia (31th) and Thailand (33th), and behind Germany (16th), Mexico (21st) and Emirates Arab United-28th)… Already champion of pessimism, France is not going to cheer with this result … It may just be consoled with the classification of its neighbouring countries: Spain finished in 37th place and Italy in 50th place.

Burundi, the most unfortunate country…

At the 157th and last place is, unsurprisingly, Burundi, a country on the brink of civil war, ravaged by AIDS and where tensions between Tutsis and Hutus have multiplied considerably in recent years. For its part, Syria, where civil war has lasted for 5 years and has already made 250,000 dead, ranks at the 156th spot.

The country that registered the largest drop of happiness is Greece, which is not positioned at the 99th place: the causes are the economic crisis that has lasted for several years, to which was added the crisis of migrants…

“Politics of happiness”: utopia or reality?

Precursor of the politics of happiness, Bhutan has established in 1972 the Gross National Happiness (BNP), an alternative to GDP. This National Happiness Gross is calculated according to the following four criteria: growth and responsible economic development, promotion and preservation of Bhutanese culture, environmental protection and promoting sustainable development, responsible governance.

Since then, only three other countries (Ecuador, Venezuela and United Arab Emirates) have appointed “Ministers of happiness” which have the task of coordinating national policies to ensure greater well-being of citizens. A mixed record in the three countries, which are far from being models in terms of respect for human rights…

Source: www.lepetitjournal.com En savoir plus : http://worldhappiness.report/ed/2016/

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